Engineering Surveying

Engineering Surveyor

We are Melbourne’s first choice for engineering surveyor services in Melbourne. Moonland Group has developed a strong reputation for offering accurate and reliable engineering surveying in no time. We are known for our commercial and residential engineering surveying in Melbourne.Our comprehensive, precise and efficient workmanship has established us one of the most reputed and trusted engineering surveyors in Melbourne.

Civil Surveying In Melbourne

Our civil surveying projects are highly accurate engineering surveying designs that include layout, as-built and topographic. They require geodetic computations beyond normal civil surveying engineering practice. Our wide range of engineering surveying Melbourne service includes:

  • Large and small scale civil construction set-outs
  • Design and development plan for engineering surveyors projects
  • Engineering construction and control surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Survey monitoring
  • Volume and earthwork calculations
  • Asset recording including drainage, water, sewer, roads, bridges etc.
  • Project analysis, calculations and project evaluation

Our Speciality

We combine our exceptional technical and functional expertise with in-depth knowledge to make Moonland Group an ideal choice for your major land survey project. We believe in individual collaboration with each of our clients to create a custom-made solution based on their project needs.

Our customer-centric approach has given us long-term business relationships with many of our clients. We use state-of-the-art engineering surveying and geospatial technology to offer value to all land development projects in Melbourne.

engineering surveyor Melbourne

What does an engineering surveyor do?

Engineering surveyors collect, analyse, and manage the property infrastructure. Their primary task involves designing, developing, and operating systems for collecting and analysing spatial information related to land, natural resources, the oceans, and several man-made features.The role of an engineering surveyor is much more than set out for construction project and survey pick-ups. They are the professionals who are responsible for examining a finished design for a project and identify any issues in design in terms of practicality of building a structure.After solving the practicality issues, they prepare as-built documentation based on the recorded survey data in the form of a drawing or spreadsheet or the combination of both.

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