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Land Subdivision Melbourne

Land division, subdivision, or re-subdivision allows you to divide the land into two or more parcels that you can sell or transfer separately. If you have a property with land subdivision potential, but do not know how and where to start the process, then Moonland Group is here to help you. With 30 years of combined experience in this industry, we help you realise the full potential of your property by assisting you from start to finish with land subdivision in Melbourne.

Increase the Value of Your Land with Property Subdivision

With Melbourne’s increasing demand for housing because of high population growth, land development and subdivision has become a very profitable investment option. You can divide your land into lots for sale or investments. At Moonland Group, we have an experienced and highly trained property subdivision team in Melbourne to guide you through the land division process.

Steps We Follow During the Land Subdivision Process

Types of Property Titles to Consider During Land Subdivision

Torren title land division is the most popular type of subdividing land. It caters for the single houses on their allotments where there is no collective infrastructure and facilities.

A community title is assigned for each lot and the common property. It relates to residential, office, and other commercial uses. Also, it is defined by lot boundaries and surveyed measurements.

A strata title is defined by the division of land into separate units (minimum two) and common properties. Here the boundaries are determined by reference to the structural divisions in a building rather than the land.

Property Subdivision Melbourne

Manage the Following Problems Before Subdividing Property ​

At Moonland Group, provide you with thorough guidance on property subdivision while adding value to your property. Here are some aspects to consider before committing to a project.

Property subdivision Melbourne is a profitable investment strategy, but only when the right research and planning is done. Our accredited surveyors support you throughout the land development and subdivision process so that you stay on time and budget.

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Here at Moonland Group, we have an experienced team of surveyors who can help you with your property and land subdivision needs Melbourne. To know more about land subdivision and how we can help you with your land development project, contact us at 03 9824 0354.

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