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We provide accurate, prompt, and cost-effective land surveying solutions in Melbourne over 30 years of experience.

Using the latest technology and equipment, we are one step ahead in innovation.

Licensed Land Surveyors You Can Trust

At Moonland Group, our team of licensed land surveyors are experts in areas of dilapidation, aerial, spatial, and engineering data surveying.

As a leading Land Surveyor in Melbourne, we readily update boundary lines and prepare sites for construction.

We examine space, land, and various features to record findings and design maps so that you can plan your project accordingly. With over 30 years of experience in the surveying industry, we understand what it means to find the best solutions for your venture while assisting you with the most cost-effective services.

Moonland outranks the competition by utilising the latest technology and equipment available on the market. Unlike other surveying companies, we stay one step ahead in terms of innovation and execution.

Our construction surveying is comprehensive, detailed and ensures you find the best possible solutions for your next development project. When you need a property surveyor who understands your needs and building requirements, contact our team today.

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In Need Of Construction Surveying?

As highly reputable land surveyors, we specialise in both commercial and residential properties. Whether you need services for high-rise apartments or a commercial development, we’ve got you covered with cost-effective construction surveying. We’ll help you get results that exceed your expectations. Don’t get stuck searching for a ‘land surveyor near me.’ Instead, take the hassle out of establishing the boundaries for your next developmental project when you team up with us at Moonland. Whether you’re a contractor, builder, homeowner, or real estate agent, we service all industries with the latest surveying equipment and technology. Hence, our construction surveying services cannot be beaten by combining our wealth of experience and expertise with the latest technology. The next time you’re looking for a ‘property surveyor near me,’ reach out to Moonland Group for efficient and reliable surveying.

Our Land Surveyor Services

title restablishment Melbourne
We are known for completing all aspects of title re-establishment surveying requirements when it comes to your new building or property. Our team are professionals at determining dimensions, figuring out property boundaries, restrictions, and property interests. To find out more about our title re-establishment services, contact us today.
feature survey melbourne
When looking to start developing your land, it is essential that you hire professionals to conduct feature level surveying. This is the beginning point for all types of land development and will help assess the site and its adjoining properties. For more on feature level surveys, contact us.
Engineering Surveying Melbourne
Moonland offers accurate and reliable engineering over a strict timeframe. This means when it comes to your commercial or residential space, our surveying team will collect, analyse, and manage the property infrastructure. In addition, our engineer surveyors will design, develop, and operate all systems for the collection and analysis of spatial information. For more information on our engineering surveying services, contact us today.
Divide your land into two or more sections with our land subdivision services. Our land surveyors will help you make the most of your land so you can easily subdivide, sell, and transfer appropriately. We will help you realise the full potential of your property and open your mind to endless ideas and opportunities. For more information on land subdivisions, contact our team today.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right land surveyor will allow for a smooth build that is not disrupted by unnecessary complications. Understanding the boundaries for your property, ensuring you have the correct measurements for your development, and surveying the entire area is easy when you choose our team at Moonland Group.

There are many reasons as to why you should opt for our services, including:

  • A progressive, structured, and modern surveying practice
  • Over 30 years of combined industry experience
  • Expertise and professionalism
  • Able to perform a multitude of land surveyor services
  • Experienced in construction and land development
  • Exceptional customer service
  • We service small-scale and larger industrial and residential projects

We understand that every project is different and requires its own individual surveying needs. Therefore, at Moonland Group, our team of professionals collaborate with each of our clients to ensure we meet all project requirements. We will discuss various factors that will influence the surveying process through a comprehensive consultation session, including project size and budget.

As a result, our land surveyors have maintained a strong success rate over the years and possess a strong client base of repeat customers.When you team up with us at Moonland Group, we ensure high-quality surveying that will create a solid foundation for the rest of your property development. Contact us today for an obligation free quote on your next land surveying project.

When Expertise Truly Matters

Moonland Group is a progressive and modern construction surveying practice. We have over 30 years of combined industry experience. We pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to any of our property .

Our highly qualified team of construction surveyors understand that every project is different. We believe in individual collaboration with each of our clients irrespective of the project size and budget. Our team of experts has performed several property surveyors and land surveyors.  This approach has allowed us to maintain and increase our success for over 30 years with a strong client base of repeat customers.

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Our Clients

We have successfully managed various clients and organisations throughout the state.

When it comes to our land surveyor services in both the property and construction industries. Some of which include:

Construction Projects

We undertake various construction projects throughout Melbourne. Currently, our land surveyors are completing tasks such as ground control placement and coordination, horizontal grid set out, industrial measurements, and dilapidation services for numerous properties. Read through our case studies to find out more about our past and current construction projects.

Land Development Projects

The current land development projects being carried out by Moonland Group include a scope of services. This includes feature and level surveys, title re-establishments, internal building and pipeline surveys, and much more. If you have a land development project you need assistance with, we have the expertise to help. Find out more about our land development projects and contact us to start your land surveying services today.


Land surveyors are licensed professionals responsible for marking out land-based on historical evidence, and recorded documents, like deeds and current surveying standards. Being legally responsible for survey results, the typical duties of a land surveyor include writing legal descriptions of land to prepare deeds, leases, and other legal documents.

The professionals conduct court exhibit surveys to settle land and boundary disputes and traffic accident investigations. They also perform subdivision surveys to divide a plot of land into blocks, parks, and streets. Their task involves various types of surveys, such as mortgage, title, condominium, and construction surveys.

Land surveying is used to establish or re-establish boundaries, corners, lines and monuments of real property or land.

The cost of hiring a licensed land surveyor in Melbourne depends on various factors, including the experience and expertise of the professional, geographical location of land, plot size, and age of the plot. Over time, the items, like rocks or trees, which were earlier present on the plot and mentioned in the initial documentation, may not exist. The surveyor will have to take all these things into account while surveying. He may have to re-establish the boundary lines.

A surveyor takes precise measurements to determine property boundaries of a plot of land. He prepares reports, maps, and legal documents, like deeds and lease, based on data relevant to the contour of the earth’s surface. He updates the boundary line to prevent legal disputes and make the land ready for the construction project.

He gathers relevant data to ensure that new-build properties are built in compliance with the regulations and specifications. He prepares designs based on technical specifications and advises clients on repair and maintenance of existing structures, planning applications, or assessing damage for insurance and legal purposes. The nature of their job involves working on-site, in an office, or at their client’s property.

A property surveyor conducts thorough research into the property based on the legal descriptions about the land. The research includes the history of the deed and a title search. The title search ensures that there are no discrepancies in owning the property.

Then, the surveyor will go out to the property to do the fieldwork that involves sketching out the land, boundary lines, and many other elements that make up your property. Based on the survey, he will prepare a legal report or map that includes a description of the property, legal boundaries, location and adjacent properties, street address, and any other improvements you are required to make to your property.

He gathers relevant data to ensure that new-build properties are built in compliance with the regulations and specifications. He prepares designs based on technical specifications and advises clients on repair and maintenance of existing structures, planning applications, or assessing damage for insurance and legal purposes. The nature of their job involves working on-site, in an office, or at their client’s property.

If you are looking for a licensed and experienced property surveyor in Melbourne, Australia and nearby suburbs, then look no further than Moonland Group. We can provide you with cost-effective solutions to ensure you get the result that exceeds your expectations.

The land surveyors who specialise in the construction field are called construction surveyors. Construction surveying helps in establishing the location of highways, bridges, pipes, buildings, and other man-made objects. Surveyors are responsible for providing professional advice on a variety of construction-related matters.

They guide all types of development and construction projects and ensure the completion of a highway or any other construction project in terms of length and other dimensional measurements. They also ensure that a building, highway, or any other constructions have been placed on a sound footing and solid ground.

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