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Feature and Level Survey In Melbourne

Are you looking for premium quality feature surveying in Melbourne? Welcome to Moonland Group, the choice for high volume feature level; feature survey across Melbourne. Feature surveys and level surveys are the initial starting point for all types of land development projects. They are a pivotal step in assessing the site and locating adjoining properties and streets.

We are renowned for providing highly accurate results for feature survey and level surveys in Melbourne. These results help your designer in preparation of all types of residential, commercial and industrial survey plans for designing purpose. feature survey and level surveys can also be used in case of council applications and town planning.

What Our Feature Level Survey Can Do For You

We are renowned for providing topographic surveys along with feature surveys and level surveys for all types of property throughout Melbourne. Our TBM survey report help architects, council and engineers to determine:

  • Contours and ground levels
  • Existing structures
  • Contours and location identification
  • Adjoining structures
    Levels and other details of existing property
  • Features like ridges, window locations and eaves
  • Building setbacks and other details of adjoining properties

Feature Survey Cost

Feature survey cost in Melbourne, you can expect the charges to be anywhere between $90 to $170 per hour.

Our Wide Range Of Services

  • GPS surveys
  • Site analysis surveys
  • Flood level surveys
  • Neighbourhood character plans
  • Land Surveys
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TBM Survey

A temporary benchmark or TBM is an established horizontal platform offering a known reference point to allow level control during construction and survey work. In simple words, it is a known height point used as a reference to take all levels. All areas around the site are checked and
fixed as per the level of the temporary reference point.

The term benchmark is derived from the chiselled horizontal marks made by surveyors on stone structures. An Angle-iron may then be placed on these structures to create a “bench” for a levelling rod. This allows accurate repositioning of the levelling rod at the same place in future.

Level Surveyors Melbourne

We have experienced land surveyors in Melbourne dedicated to conducting a detailed land survey for a successful project outcome. We provide detailed information on the site from trees, drains, fences to utilities, contours, and roads. 

Our surveys offer architects, councils, builders, and other stakeholders all the required and relevant information to work on a project as per what’s approved within the local area.

At Moonland Group, we perform our duties with utmost care and precision as we know that even the smallest of detail can impact your land development project to a great extent. Therefore, we aim at offering accurate information to ensure you face no hurdles during the development stage.

A feature survey provides detailed information about a land and its features. It’s a scaled diagram of a site that is scientifically measured and accurately mapped. The local council uses this information to alter or develop property and land. Also, as the feature survey includes information on the ground level, contours, existing structures, adjoining structures, fences, utility services, trees and more, it is used by architects and builders to design a project. An accurate feature survey prevents delays and costly mistakes in creating plans for new structures, dwellings, etc.
The cost of a feature survey depends on several factors like the type, size, shape and location of the site. However, you can expect the charges to be anywhere between $90 to $170 per hour. If you want to know the exact cost for a feature survey of your site, it is best to connect with our experts. You can call us on 03 9824 0354 or drop an email to us at [email protected]. Once you speak to us, our experts will understand your requirements and provide an obligation free quote for our services. Connect with us now to know the feature survey cost for your property.

A feature survey is a technical plan of a site indicating its current size, shape, features and dimensions. All relevant information up to 9m from the title boundary is included in a feature survey plan. You can expect to find the following information in a feature survey report:

• Details on existing dwellings
• Details on adjoining structures
• Street features
• Vegetation and easement details
• Fences height and location
• Utility services (below and above the ground)
• Drains and crossovers

The amount of detail a feature survey gives depends on the project purpose and council requirements.

A feature survey offers information on all man-made and natural structures present on a site and its adjoining areas. This gives builders, architects and developers the ability to determine all the development possibilities for the property. Information of structures like the fences, trees, drains, utility services, contours, paths, retaining walls, other surrounding structures, etc., are included in a feature survey report. As a feature survey is considered an official document providing details on mapping a property with the contours of the land and other significant features, it is a critical stage that helps set the tone for a project.

It isn’t easy to give an exact time required to complete a feature survey, as this may vary from site to site. The time required for a surveyor to complete a feature survey depends on the following:

• How quickly the relevant survey information required to begin the process becomes available to the surveyor
• Site access for measuring the field
• Weather conditions
• Processing of data collected
• Preparing the plan based on the data collected and printing the report
• Other factors like the council

To know the exact time required to complete a feature survey of your site, it is best to speak to the experts at Moonland Group.

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