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Title Re-Establishment Surveyors

Moonland Group is renowned for carrying out all aspects of title re-establishment survey requirement for your new building or property. Our qualified team of boundary surveyors Melbourne are experts at determining dimensions, property boundaries, ownership areas, associated rights, restrictions, property interests, and more.

All our title re-establishment surveys are performed by a licensed surveyor. The property survey license is in perfect compliance with surveying regulations as per the Australian Standard.

What is a title survey?

Title survey involves the process of marking the boundaries of a property as per the Title Plan. A Title Plan appears on the Certificate of Title that defines the rights of an interested party on the land. A Few other names for title surveys are re-establishment surveys, boundary surveys, and relocation surveys. Title surveys for a property are usually required in the following situations:

  • Before buying a property
  • While planning land development
  • When settling fencing disputes
  • When constructing near the boundaries

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What is a re-establishment survey plan?

A re-establishment survey is carried out when many of the boundaries of a property are to be redefined. It is mainly required to carry out a re-establishment survey when there’s a need for:

  • Improving a house or building near the boundaries
  • Extending the property to a fence or retaining wall
  • Verifying the boundaries to buy or sell a property
  • When the local council requires a detailed survey of your property

In most cases, re-establishment survey findings are marked in the ground and are defined on the certificate of title. This helps in clearly indicating the boundaries of a property, so there’s no confusion between the owner and the neighbours.

What Our Title Survey Can Do For You

Our title re-establishment survey service in Melbourne includes:

  • The relevant  Title Survey report and a complete search of the title documents related to the lot.
  • Title survey of the subject title for determining the relationship between the occupation and the title boundaries.
  • Identification of discrepancies regarding dimensions between the title plan and the Title Survey.
  • Expert advice on action to be taken in case of any discrepancies between Title Survey and title plans.
  • Preparation of title re-establishment plan highlighting all the survey details.

Expertise In Title Re-establishment Small & Big Projects

Our licensed title re-establishment surveyors  in Melbourne define property boundaries and identify spatial implications using their expertise. Whether it’s the smallest plot of land or multi-million-dollar projects, no title re-establishment surveying projects are too big or too small for us. Our professional title re-establishment survey involves interpretation and navigation of the legal aspects of land ownership within the land administration system.

We utilise the latest technologies to assesses your land. In turn, this gives you the best outcomes for your projects. We value your time and our main objective is to deliver fast and accurate information that you can make decisions from.

Professional Boundary Surveyors In Melbourne

Whether it’s a commercial property, private property, or land used for mining, an essential part of your property ownership is to know the exact boundary line. A contradictory boundary line may make you involve in the matter of legal dispute of land.

A border survey helps in defining the limits of a property formally. It determines the corners of a plot. You must seek professional help of boundary surveyors before you buy, sell, split, improve, or construct anything on the land. The team of licensed boundary surveyors in Melbourne at Moonland Group specialise in giving a clear picture of the boundary of your land by giving measurements as accurate as possible.

Our boundary Surveyors begins with the measurement, marking, and mapping of the boundary. We will scrutinise the historical records of the property, including the lands surrounding it, and create a drawing once the survey task is complete. Our survey document will show a plan and a legal description of your property, a report defining the boundary lines and explaining the judgment.


How much does a boundary survey cost In Melbourne?

Every project is different, The boundary surveyors cost depends on several factors. Although it primarily depends on the type of property, its features, and how your survey company charges, still, certain things that impact the cost of a border Survey,  There can’t be any set price for boundary survey because no two surveying jobs can be the same. The cost of the border survey for the smaller property without any vegetation will be different from a larger parcel land with a lot of vegetation. Hence, the cost varies depending on many factors that you need to consider while determining the boundary line survey cost. Some of them are:

  • Accessibility and terrain of parcel land required to be surveyed
  • Shape, size, and dimensions of the parcel land
  • Reason for survey
  • Location of the site
  • Seasonal variations of the land
  • Research and travel time
  • The type of equipment used
  • Much more

Requirements Of Boundary Surveyors

You may require re-establishment boundary Surveyors in the following cases:

  • GPS surveys
  • Site analysis surveys
  • Flood level surveys
  • Neighbourhood character plans
Title Re Establishment Survey Melbourne

A boundary survey is a way to define a property’s limits formally. A boundary surveyor usually performs the survey before the land is purchased, sold, improvised or build upon. At Moonland Group, we have a team of experienced and licensed boundary surveyors who can provide accurate measurements of your land to give you a clear picture of the boundaries.

Our boundary Surveyors begin the procedure by measuring, marking, and mapping your land’s boundary. The next step is to examine your property’s historical records, including the neighbouring lands, and creating a drawing on the completion of the survey. Finally, a survey document will be made to show the plan of your property and give its legal description.

The cost of a boundary survey goes to the person requesting it. In most cases, a property purchaser requests a boundary survey who intends to buy the property and develop it later. A boundary survey helps the purchaser to make better decisions, understand land divisions, negotiate better, etc. On the other hand, sometimes, a property seller requests a boundary survey to gather all relevant information to give to the potential buyers and quicken the selling process. In this case, the seller of the property pays for the boundary survey. Also, at times there’s a dispute among neighbouring property owners regarding the boundary of their property. In this case, if a survey is conducted, the cost is shared by both the neighbours.
Boundary surveyors collect details from the plat map and legal description of the property to understand the legal boundaries of your land. Every corner of the property is then verified and located to define where the corners are clearly. Survey pins are buried at all corners, in case they aren’t there already. To mark the boundaries conveniently, the surveyors use iron pipes, flags, or stakes. Whatever type of marker they use for defining the boundaries of a property, it stands two feet tall and is easy to spot across the property.

A few lenders demand some survey or certificate from a licensed surveyor before issuing the lender’s title insurance policy to a title company. However, this isn’t required in all cases. Mainly, an old survey by the seller is used in new real estate transactions as well.

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