Title Re-Establishment

Title Re-Establishment Survey In Melbourne

Moonland Group is renowned for carrying out all aspects of title re-establishment survey requirement for your new building or property. Our qualified team of boundary surveyors are experts at determining dimensions, property boundaries, ownership areas, associated rights, restrictions, property interests and more.

All our surveys are performed by a licensed surveyor. The property survey license is in perfect compliance with surveying regulations as per the Australian Standard.

Expertise In Small And Big Projects

Our licensed surveyors define property boundaries and identify spatial implications using their expertise. Whether it’s the smallest plot of land or multi-million-dollar projects, no surveying projects are too big or too small for us. Our professional survey involves interpretation and navigation of the legal aspects of land ownership within the land administration system.

We utilise the latest technologies to assesses your land. In turn, this gives you the best outcomes for your projects. We value your time and our main objective is to deliver fast and accurate information that you can make decisions from.

Requirements Of Boundary Surveys

You may require re-establishment boundary surveys in the following cases:
  • GPS surveys
  • Site analysis surveys
  • Flood level surveys
  • Neighbourhood character plans
Title Re Establishment Survey Melbourne

What Our Re-Establishment Survey Can Do For You

Our service includes:
  • The relevant survey report and a complete search of the title documents related to the lot.
  • Title survey of the subject title for determining the relationship between the occupation and the title boundaries.
  • Identification of discrepancies regarding dimensions between the title plan and the survey.
  • Expert advice on action to be taken in case of any discrepancies between survey and title plans.
  • Preparation of title re-establishment plan highlighting all the survey details.

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